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  On 10th June,the first senior class of SSBS High School graduated.At 8o’clock,Superintendent Tang Shengchang,Supervisor Li Ying,Principal JinMuhua and all High School teachers gathered with all the students and theirparents.The hostess,Ms.Zheng Shengjie,leader of Grade 12,and the host Mr.Cody,Senior College Counselor,announced the beginning of the graduationceremony.



  The graduates of the class of 2017,wearing their graduation caps andgowns,entered the auditorium in their homeroom classes,while a farewell tunewas being played by students from Grade 11.


  On the way to the auditorium,graduates walked through a long“timetunnel”.Golden ballons,hanging on the top of the tunnel,indicated the threeyears from 2014 to 2017.Along the tunnel,snapshots of various campusactivities indicated the traces of everyone’s growth.So normal a day became sospecial for the graduating seniors.Such commonplace emotions of happiness,sadness,and bitterness all became the most precious memories.Walking andreminiscing,we reviewed every unforgettable memory.


  Fourhomeroom teachers brought in their classes.After showing regards,they gave theircommemorations for the graduates,thanked them for being together during thesethree years and wished them their best.


  Then,everyone rose,for the singing of the national anthemn.Theeducational principal proposed by Superintendent Tang Shengchang,“ChineseIdentity,Global Perspective”,has always been the mission of SSBS.The momentthe anthemn was sung,every graduate became emotional and sincere.Thegraduates will work to come back to their parents and come back to theirfamilial homeland.


  After that,Charlie Tang Renyi,from Class Two,as the valedictorian,gave his speech.Charlie has had a great academic performance over these pastthree years and now he has been admitted into the University of Chicago.Withinthe topic of“exploring and growing”,he shared his three changes:openness toexpress his own opinions,to become an active explorer,and to be strong whenfacing setbacks.Growing in the serious and steady atomosphere of SSBS,he hasleanred to be strong,hardworking and accepting of challenges,which hasmotivated him to face more difficulties and overcome more setbacks in thefuture.


  Sue,Su Ying,from Class Four,as the other student representative,shared her happiness at making great changes in the realm of art activities.Because of the tolerance and encouragementof SSBS,students have had lots ofopportunities to organize activities by themselves on campus.She was once ashy and sensitive girl who loved dancing but later she became the founder ofSSBS High School Dancing Team.As the founder,she made numerous friends thatlove dancing as much as she.During these three years,she tried a lot ofthings that“she had never done when she was in local school”.As a result,shehas reflected a lot and advanced a lot.Confidence,humbleness,optimism anddiligence,are what she received from SSBS,which will be her strength as sheadvances through New York University.


  When saying farewell,parents have endless words to remind us of thepast and to hope for the best in the future.The mother of Vicky Zhang Zhifei,from Class Three,Ms.Xu,as the deputy of parents,gave her speech.In thisspeech,Ms.Xu mentioned the families the students come from,the communitythey joined at SSBS and the country they belong to,none of which they willforget when entering their universities.Each word showed love and care for thestudents and gratitude to the school.


  At last,teachers gave their commemoration.Ms.Su Ye,as the HeadTeacher,first congratulated the great performance the students made in theircollege applications,and then,based on the growth of Chinese reading,shementioned the students’reading habits,their strong reading ability,and hopedthat everyone could become lifelong readers to improve themselves and havefulfilling lives.


  After all these speeches finished,the graduates came to the stage whileSupervisor Li moved the tassels and Superintendent Tang bestowed them withtheir Shanghai certification of High School graduation.On the screen,thehonors and characteristics of each student were shown,and every graduate bowedto accept the wishes from their beloved teachers.As they accepted theirdiplomas,they looked back,smiled,and created new best memories at SSBS.

  毕业典礼进入尾声,一曲校高三合唱团合唱的《Run》将气氛慢慢推向高潮。“We’ll run for our lives.Lightup,light up,as if youhave a choice.Even…even if you cannothear my voice,I’ll be right beside you,dear.”是啊,“送君千里,终有一别。”但,“海内存知己,天涯若比邻。”

  Close to the end ofthe ceremony,the Grade 12 chorus sang the song,“Run”,which brought the ceremonyto it’s climax.“We’ll run forour lives.Light up,light up,as if you have a choice.Even…even if youcannot hear my voice,I’ll be right beside you,dear”.It’s just like theChinese saying:“there is always a farewell waiting on the way”,but“withfriends,everywhere is like with your neighbours”.


  “Friends will go together for the whole life,the past days are gone,one sentence,one life,one love,one drink”.At last,all the graduates cameonto the stage and sang the song“Friends”,which chronicledtheir high schoollife with the most real laughter and the most unwilling tears.


  Farewell,played by the Grade 11 musicians,said goodbye to allgraduates.“Outside of the pavilion,along aside the ancient road,the grassland expands until the end of the world.Night wind breezes and brings the softsound of flute,under the sunshine of dusk,mountains link with each other.”


  1,042 days,94 students,four classes,three years,with unique highshool memories,finally weare on our way.But we will continue to write SSBSstories,expecting the success of every graduate and hoping that everyone canbe their best selves.


  Dear classmates,in the sparkling river,you are the brightest of shining stars.